Practical Assignment

Unit 1

At the airport

- Excuse me. Could you tell me where the Ukraine International Airlines counter is?

- Certainly. Just go up the escalator here on your right and you’ll see it.

- Here’s your ticket. Your flight is now boarding at gate 50. Go down concourse D to your left there.

At a passport and customs desk

- Your passport, please. How long are you planning to stay in the country?

- Three weeks. Could I prolong my entrance visa in case of necessity?

- Sure. The receiving party shall take care of it.

- Well, bags on the table and your customs form, please.

- How much do they weight?

- 23 kilos. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to pay an excess luggage

- Oh! It’s only three kilos overweight.

- Yes, sir...that’s £6... Thank you. Have you anything to declare?

- What?

- Alcohol, cigarettes, fresh fruit, plants...?

- Uh, no. Only for personal needs.

- Open your suitcase, please. Any gifts?

- Only one bottle of vodka.

- All right. It’s duty free. As you probably know, it’s forbidden to bring more than two bottles of alcohol and two blocks of cigarettes to England. And no limitations as to currency. Here’s your form.

- Thank you.

- Not at all. The next please.

Active Vocabulary

to check in (a check-in desk) to board / to go on board boarding a boarding pass / card a departure gate a departure lounge a flight (to call a flight) domestic / in-land (international) flight customs pl. to go / get through the customs customs fees customs inspection customs declaration / to declare to prolong entrance (entry), exit, multiple, transit visa validity of visa to apply for a visa to put a visa on a passport overweight / excess baggage luggage / baggage allowance hand luggage duty free (shop) travel card ETA - estimated time of arrival ETD - estimated time of departure a left-luggage room a trolley a lost-property office an inquiry office / information bureau exchange currency baggage claim red / green corridor a conveyor belt / baggage cart to x-ray a metal detector a security camera body search a flying control officer a security officer a flight attendant a hostess / steward(-ess) a cabin crew to delay (cancel, alter) a flight to take off to land (landing) / to come in the land to disembark airline fare high (low) season fare first / business class economy / second / tourist class to fasten one’s seat belt

Practical Assignment

Exercise 1.Choose the right answer. The first has been done for you.

1. He flies the aircraft:

a) the rudder
b) the hostess
c) the pilot

2. When boarding a plane, you go up:

a) a luggage truck
b) boarding steps
c) a runway

3. Departure times can be seen on the:

a) time-table
b) clock
c) window

4. The phrase said before a plane takes off is:

a) let’s fly

b) fasten your seat belts, please

c) take off!

5. Passengers are told to:

a) take off!

b) come on board

c) go away

6. Heavy boxes are lifted and transported by:

a) fork-lift tracks
b) undercarriages
c) runways

7. Tickets are bought at the:

a) newsagent’s

b) ticket office

c) luggage deposit office

8. The verb used to reserve a seat is:

a) arrive on time

b) book

c) deposit luggage

Exercise 2. A travel agent is explaining what to do at the airport to a customer who has not travelled by plane before. Complete the sentences with one word from column A and one word from column B.


conveyor desk
departure card

terminal class

hand lounge

check-in baggage

economy building

departure control

excess luggage

boarding belt

passport gate

Most taxi drivers know the airport quite well, so if you tell him where you are going, he’ll drop you off at the right (a)terminal building.
When you get inside, go to the (b)__ __ and have your ticket and passport ready. As you’re travelling (c)__ __, the queues can be quite long, so make sure you get there in good time. You’ll be given your
(d)__ __ with your seat number, and they’ll weigh your bags, which will then get taken away on a (e)__ __. You can carry one item of (f)__ __ with you onto the plane, but if your cases weigh more than 20 kilos, you’ll have to pay (g)___ ___; you’ll have to go through (h)__ __ or a final check, and then listen out for the announcement to tell you which (i)__ __ you need to go to in order to board the plane.

Exercise 3. Imagine that you buy a plane ticket in London. Reply in English to the travel agent’s remarks.

Travel agent:Good afternoon. Can I help you?

You:(Поздоровайтесь. Спросите, можно ли купить один билет эконом-класса до Киева на вторник, 7 октября).

Travel agent. Let me see ... I’m very sorry, sir. There are no seats left for Kiev on Tuesday.

You: (Спросите, остались ли билеты на тот же рейс на среду).

Travel agent. Just a minute, sir… Yes. There are some seats left for Wednesday.

You: (Скажите, что среда Вас устраивает. Спросите, сколько стоит билет и включены ли в стоимость билета сборы в аэропорту).

Travel agent. It’s 198 pounds, sir, including airport taxes ... Here you are.

You: (Узнайте у агента номер рейса, спросите, когда самолет отбывает из Лондона и когда прибывает в Киев. Поблагодарите агента).

Unit 3


receptionist: Can I help you, sir?

guest: Hello, I'd like a room for the night.

receptionist: Do you have a reservation?

guest: No, I don't.

receptionist: OK. Just the one night?

guest: Yes.

receptionist: And one person?

guest: One person, yes.

receptionist: Would you like an Executive at £125 or a Standard at £95?
guest: Just a Standard.
receptionist: OK ... Do you have a preference for a twin or a double-bedded room?
guest: Twin, please.

receptionist: Do you have a preference for smoking or non-smoking?

guest: Non-smoking, please.

receptionist: OK. You're in room 760.

guest: OK.

receptionist: How will you be settling your account, sir?

guest: Visa.

receptionist: By Visa card. May I take an imprint of your Visa card?

guest: Here you are.

receptionist: Thank you. And the name, sir, is...?

guest: Paul Smith.

receptionist: And may I take your home address, please?

guest: It's 5383 Collins Avenue, Miami.

receptionist: And do you have a zip code?

guest: 23892.

receptionist: OK, sir. Because you're not a British citizen, I'll require your passport in order to complete the registration.

guest: Here it is.

receptionist: Thank you very much.

guest: Does the rate include breakfast?

receptionist: No, it doesn’t. Breakfast is £7.50 for continental and £9.95 for English and is served in the Brasserie Restaurant on this floor from 6.30 all morning, or you can order in your room through room service at no extra charge.

guest: OK.

receptionist: This is your registration card. Can you just check through the details, please?

guest: Yes.

receptionist: And sign here.

guest: OK.

receptionist: Thank you. Here's your credit card, passport, and here's your key. It's room 760 on the seventh floor. The elevator is on the right. If you just tell a porter your room number, he'll follow you up with the luggage.

guest: Thank you very much.

receptionist: Enjoy your stay.